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Augusto Boal w Rio de Janeiro 1994 r

reż. Ronaldo Morelos

53 mins, English

A documentary by Ronaldo Morelos. Associate Producer Rod Wissler - Centre for Innovation in the Arts In 1994 Morelos spent 5 months in Rio de Janeiro, observing and documenting the work of Augusto Boal and the Centro de Teatro do Oprimido. It was the time of the Brazilian national elections. This time was also a year and a half into Boal's term as a Vereador (Councilor) of the Legislative Chamber of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro. This documentary chronicles that time, the words and the work of Boal and his collaborators. It is a record of the work of a theatre maestro undertaking a daring and difficult experiment in overtly melding the concerns of theatre, therapy and politics. An account of a theatre company that is elected into public office. It is a story from the world of Theatre of the Oppressed.